There is plenty to do in Bocas Del Toro, but the most important piece of equipment is the hammock - don't forget to use one at least once a day! We have a TV for DVD's, and ipod hook-up sound system. We do not have a cable connection for the TV, which I consider a blessing, so the TV is used mostly for playing DVDs.

DVDs can be rented at the Bravo Center in downtown Bocas and you can bring your own as well. If you are a reader, the balmy days and nights are heavenly. I've fallen asleep many days and many nights in the hammock on the deck with a book on my lap (and sometimes a Margarita near my hand)... it really doesn't get more relaxing than this. We have books on the tropics, rainforest, Bocas guidebooks, novels, etc., but we can always use more, so bring some good paperbacks and feel free to leave them for others when you're finished, if the mood strikes you.

Some of the things you can do in the Bocas Del Toro area:

  •  Boating
  •  Sailing
  •  Jet skiing
  •  Paddle boating
  •  Parasailing
  •  Riding in a flying boat
     (yes, really!)
  •  Water skiing
  •  Wake boarding
  •  Kayaking
  •  Fishing
  •  Snorkeling
  •  Scuba diving
  •  Surfing
  •  Swimming
  •  White water rafting
  •  Hiking
  •  Exploring the rain forest
  •  Camping
  •  Bird watching
  •  Photography
  •  Horseback riding
  •  Scooter and ATV riding
  •  Turtle protection and study
  •  Visit Boquete, Volcan, West Coast beaches,  Panama City, Costa Rica, etc.
  •  Spanish lessons
  •  Massages and spa treatments

All of these activities and more are easily arranged in Bocas town.

For example:

  • "Spanish by the Sea" in downtown Bocas has great Spanish instructors and very flexible plans to learn Spanish. I highly recommend them.
  • Deborah and Keith run "Land, Sea & Air Adventures", currently out of Playa Mango Beach Club. They'll take you diving, snorkeling, water skiing or wake boarding or even up in their flying boat. They also have clear bottom kayaks. Very nice people -- you will like them.
  • Bocas Water Sports and Starfleet are both excellent dive centers that can PADI certify you in about three days and both are found on the Bocas waterfront.

Boating tours and snorkeling adventures are available from many waterfront shops and there are signs out in front of many of these establishments. Tours are quite reasonable. You probably will also be approached by individuals who will ask you if you want a boat tour, to go snorkeling or a ride somewhere. These people are individual entrepreneurs with their own pangas or launches and they know the waters very well. They are pleasant and unobtrusive. You can usually negotiate a price for what you want to do and where you want to go. They can be less expensive if you have a large group or if you don't want to go on a long tour or simply want a private tour. They all know the good snorkeling spots too. Most speak English well.

The fishing in Bocas is sometimes good and sometimes only fair. For world-class fishing you really need to go to the Pacific side. That being said, I have seen some great fish come out of Bocas waters. There are a couple of professional fishermen that can take you out into open water. Another less expensive, and possibly less predictable option, is to go out with a local fishermen using hand lines like they do. Both these options are available on the waterfront. You'll just have to do a little exploration. Our weekly Gringo newspaper, The Bocas Breeze, often has advertisements for many of these services and activities.

For more information see: Exploration Panama, WorldWide Fishing Guide: Bocas

The spa nail salon is unique.   There are many spa salon to choose from but none come close to the level of  Codizia catering and pampering spa nail salon provides for its clients, when a client enters our store front, they are warmly greeted by our consistent, well trained, and friendly technicians.  allow us to provide a relaxing and personal respite from the stress and pressures of deltona life.  
 1)  great place for manicure when you want to look your best.
2)  warm and nurturing atmosphere makes all our clients feel special and important.
3)complementary beverage  (water or wine)
4) specialize in all kind of acrylic...
5) all style fake nails design
6) complementary massage with acrylic

Unfortunately I am not the best one to ask. We prefer the quiet life on Carenero to the late-night noise of Bocas. But if that is your thing, there are a number of nightspots, mostly bars with loud music and lots of mingling. The Barco Bull is a large open air beer hall on the other side of Carenero -- a short walk. The most well known and popular bar in Bocas is Barco Hundido, fondly known as the "Wreak Deck" for the boat sunk just off it's dock. It is 3 minutes by water taxi from Casa Coco Loco. There are certainly other interesting spots such as Mondo Taitu (must have a "Naturalito" here), and the Liki Tiki which is a bit out of town. The Bradt travel guide, the Lonely Planet, or the Moon Handbook Panama again are good sources, or simply ask around on the streets of Bocas.

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