Casa Coco Loco is a private home built in the Caribbean style directly on the water looking toward Isla Colon. The property is approximately an acre in size with a small beach and gardens in front and gardens and rain forest behind. We share a dock and ranchos on the dock with our great next door neighbors.
This is a very unique property and there are few if any similar properties available for rent in Bocas del Toro

Who would enjoy Casa Coco Loco?

This is a perfect property for:

  • An individual, one or two couples or a family visiting Bocas for a few days and want more privacy and beauty than a hotel room in Bocas town, yet still be very convenient to all the activities, restaurants and night life Bocas offers.
  • Anyone wanting to spend a month or more in Bocas to get a real feeling of what the area is like, or to use it as a base for exploring more of Panama and Costa Rica.
  • Someone wanting a place to stay while they look for property or start their building project in the Bocas area.


Gardening in the tropics is very different from a temperate climate.
Much time is spent cutting back and plants bloom all year round.

If they get beaten up in a storm or dried out in a drought you always know they will come back if you are patient!

The gardens are a work in progress and we and Evelio, our groundskeeper, enjoy making it as beautiful as we can.

The house is designed in the Caribbean style and is elevated on 12 ft. concrete posts for a better view, better ventilation, and to catch more of the soothing afternoon breezes.

The house is about 20 yards from the beach. It is light and airy with many windows and doors. It has high beamed ceilings throughout, and is surrounded by a protected roofed deck with seating and eating areas along the front deck. The house is ventilated with nine ceiling fans and is not air-conditioned as we find it not necessary.

The living and dining areas and both bedrooms have a view of swaying palms, the front yard gardens, and the ocean, looking across to Isla Colon. The kitchen and both bathrooms look out to the back yard gardens and rain forest.

We keep the doors and windows open nearly all day and night even when it rains. The house is fully screened for bugs.

Flowing white curtains give the bedrooms privacy, and since we prefer to keep the house open at night, we sleep under the mosquito netting for added protection.

In the house there are:

  • Two bedrooms upstairs with queen-sized beds, each separate and private from the other.
  • Two upstairs baths, one adjacent to each bedroom
  • Fully equipped and supplied kitchen and large pantry
  • A great room with that includes the living, dining and the open kitchen spaces
  • A large downstairs studio and workspace with a third large rustic bedroom with a double bed, outside bathroom and large lockable bodega (storage area). This area has a separate entrance.
  • TV for DVD's
  • Sound system with attachment for your ipod.
  • Local phone service

The property includes:

  • Spectacular views and sunsets
  • Comfortable, casual, attractive furnishings
  • Tropical hardwood floor
  • Local arts & crafts
  • Beautiful tropical gardens
  • Tropical fruit trees such as citrus, banana, passion fruit, & bread fruit
  • Small sandy beach
  • Covered and open Rancho and dock.
  • 2 Kayaks
  • Cleaning service
  • Property caretaker who can also assist you

Casa Coco Loco is well built by local standards, but this is the tropics, and things succumb to the humidity and salt air, and break down more frequently than they do in temperate climates. We will do all we can to assure they are working for you!

We get our electric power from Bocas. Power can go out temporarily and we do not have a generator. We have lanterns and flashlights. It's fun! We get our water from the roof into catchment tanks and from the city. There are instructions about these at the house. There is plenty of water. We have a propane stove so it is not dependent on electricity. There is a charcoal outside grill.

This is not the states, and things don't move at the same speed you may be used to. It's part of the Bocas experience! Relax, you are on Bocas time now!

The water from the city and catchment tanks goes through a triple filtering system before exiting at the kitchen sink, and it is safe to drink this water. But, we also have large jugs of commercially processed water for drinking and cooking if you prefer. Bottled water, soft drinks, juices and beer are easily available.

We have two staff people who maintain the property. Evelio, is our gardener and property caretaker. He works approximately 2 1/2 days per week keeping the property clean and maintaining the gardens. He will help you with anything you need when he is working on the premises. Cerencia is our cleaning lady and she generally comes one day per week. She vacuums and sweeps, cleans all rooms and bathrooms, makes beds and does dishes and laundry. If you desire, you can probably arrange more frequent cleaning services with her.

Our property managers, Anne and Jon Crehove, live two houses down the beach. They will meet you at the house, explain the workings of the house, answer any questions and provide you with keys, a cell phone and numbers for water taxis. They are available for any problems.

This is arguably the best neighborhood near Bocas town. It is sometimes jokingly referred to as "The Golden Mile." The houses are not opulent, but all are well cared for and lovely. There is a local watchman who keeps his eye out for anything unusual. Our neighbors themselves are wonderful, friendly, helpful and welcoming, but will also respect your privacy.


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